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Regular Order 10 Business Days

Lila is one of your first point of contact, she has access to all the resources, is proficient and available to help with your moves, intercom programming, complaints, forms, password reset, etc..  Lila has a wealth of knowledge and takes pride in supporting all our clients with her outstanding problem solving abilities.


Rush Order 3 Business Days

Terms and Conditions:


1. Payment in full is required prior to the completion and delivery of orders, including E-transfer processing


2. All orders are processed in the order they are received/paid.


3. Please email a confirmation of your order to indicating that your payment has        been submitted OR with an undertaking to pay at closing (for Law Firms Only).


4. Payment to be made via e-Transfer to* or by cheque made payable to

    HER Management Ltd and mailed to HER Management Ltd, 87 Skyview Ranch Gardens NE, Calgary T3N 0G1

5. Please ensure the cheque or comment section of your e-transfer includes "Document Order", 
the Condominium Corporation # and your Unit number. 

6.  GST is included with your purchase

7. All e-Transfer transactions are subject to a $3.25 fee. Please add $3.25 to your total amount to ensure

    timely and accurate processing. 

By pressing the "Order Documents" button, the customer acknowledge that he/she has read and agreed to the terms and conditions above.


Thank You!

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