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Frigid Weather and

Condensation Prevention

There are some proactive measures that can be taken to help combat condensation and roofing issues, which are as follows:


  1. Humidity level should be lowered down to 20%. If there is still condensation building up against the windows after the humidity is lowered to 20%, then we would recommend still dropping the humidity level further. The amount of occupants in a unit also can significantly affect the humidity level, so that should be considered as well.


  1. The temperatures of the units should be kept at or below approx. 22˚C. If the temperature of units is kept too high, it increases the probability of hot and cold air mixing in the attic (warm air escaping from the living space and into the attic), which then leads to a build up of condensation.



  1. Bathroom fans should be run for a minimum of 15-20 minutes per day (even if the bathroom is seldom used), and for 45-50 minutes after every shower/bath. This helps to clear out any build up of condensation and frost in the duct. If the fans aren’t activated, then often times condensation builds up inside the duct in the form of frost, and then when the weather warms up it will melt and drip back down through the fan.


These 3 actions will help quite a bit in managing the effects of the coming cold temperature, though it is still possible that leaks and staining may still occur.

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